The Breathing Wall by Kate Pullinger, with Stefan Schemat and babel

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'The Breathing Wall' is told using text, image and sound. The piece you find here is a web-taster; make sure you turn on the sound on your computer before you look at it. To view the whole piece you need to order the CD.

The story is told in parts, alternating between day-dreams (which reside in Flash movies) and night-dreams. The night-dreams reside within the Hyper Trance Fiction Matrix, an experimental software that allows the story to respond to the listenerís rate of breathing.You listen to the story through a headset with a microphone, which comes bundled with the CD. A selection of screenshots from the full piece is available here.

Please note: this piece opens in a full-screen window. Click here if you prefer opening in the current browser window. Flash player 6 or above is required. The movie should begin playing after a few seconds.

The Breathing Wall was funded by Arts Council London and supported by TEXTLAB at trAce. For more information please download the press release (pdf) or email